O!PLA Across The Borders #4: Focus On Poland

19 Polish animated films chosen by ‘the biggest Jury in the world’. O!PLA is back with a whole new program entertaining viewers from around the world with the newest and the coolest Polish animation from the last two years.

O!PLA ACROSS THE BORDERS #4: Focus On Poland is an exceptional ‘Best Of’ touring program of Polish animation compiled from the 2016 season of O!PLA – The Festival of Polish Animation (21.03 – 15.05.2016). This latest edition was chosen by ‘the biggest Jury in the world’…the Polish audience…all 7,287 of them in attendance at the 69 festival venues located between the Baltic Sea and Tatra Mountains.

This selection of 19 award winning animated shorts is a cross-section of contemporary Polish animation with the intentions of bridging the gap between audience and artists, reaching out with the art of animation to audiences across not only regional areas of Poland but to the world.

O!PLA ACROSS THE BORDERS includes big budget professional studio made films, independent animations, student graduation films, animated music videos, ‘animated epigrams’ (very short movies) and ‘Formanima’ (experimental and abstract animations). For complete film list visit https://goo.gl/rxcckw

Animation Alliance Australia Inc | ASIFA Australia in association with O!PLA – The Festival of Polish Animation is proud to present the Australian premiere of O!PLA ACROSS THE BORDERS #4 exclusively to Brisbane for one night only at Polonia – Polish Association of Queensland.

O!PLA ACROSS THE BORDERS #4: Focus On Poland screens at 7:30pm and runs a total duration of 97 minutes. Films contain adult themes, suitable for ages 16+. Films with Polish dialogues have English subtitles.

Tickets range from $6 Concession to $8 Adult. Come early and enjoy a meal at the club’s restaurant before the show. Best value is the ‘O!PLA meal deal’ ticket at $20 – includes meal (choose from the set menu below), can of softdrink and ticket to the screening.

‘O!PLA meal deal’ menu

  • Mini Chicken Parmigiana served with chips and salad
  • Mini Chicken Schnitzel with mushroom sauce served with chips and salad
  • Kranski sausage, fried, served with chips and salad
  • Bigos – hunter stew, served with rye bread
  • Golabki - cabbage rolls, served with rye bread
  • Pierogi – Polish dumplings, served with salad
    • Meat
    • Potato and cheese
    • Cabbage and mushroom

*Please note: ‘O!PLA meal deal’ tickets only available until Tuesday 27/06/17

Off-street parking available on-site after 5:30pm.

Animation Alliance Australia Inc. | ASIFA Australia acknowledges the generous support of Polonia and Griffith Film School.